A Friend To Yourself

I came across this question from a blog that I follow and I thought it very relevant:

If you had a friend that spoke to you in the same way that you sometimes speak to yourself,
how long would you allow that person to be your friend?

I have to say that I am very guilty of speaking to myself in a manner that I would not tolerate from others.  I think many of us are guilty of this, which is a shame.  In the end we are the ones that are there to take care of ourselves.  So, why do we spend so much time judging ourselves and speaking to ourselves in a manner that we would not even inflict upon those we dislike?  I have absolutely no idea why we are designed this way.

I think with time, consideration and patience we can learn to retrain how we speak to ourselves.  I’ve started doing this through meditation, therapy and through this blog.  For some reason getting it out of my head keeps me from damaging myself with negativity…. well, keeps me from doing it as much 🙂




So…. a guilty pleasure of mine is Celebrity Apprentice.  Dee Snider is on it this season and just gave one of my new favorite quotes… “Age and ruthlessess will always beat youth and enthusiasm.”  Love it!

Blunt the instrument

I’m a quote person and I really like this one:

“In going where you have to go, and doing what you have to do, and seeing what you have to see, you dull and blunt the instrument you write with. But I would rather have it bent and dulled and know I had to put it on the grindstone again and hammer it into shape and put a whetstone to it, and know that I had something to write about, than to have it bright and shining and nothing to say, or smooth and well oiled in the closet, but unused.”

~Ernest Hemingway.

I need to read more Hemingway.

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