In on of my Pema Chodron books, she talks about a sign that she used to have over her office door.  Something to the effect of,

Only to the extent that we expose ourselves to annihilation over and over can we find that within us that is indestructible.

I absolutely love this saying.  It is a very true saying.  We spend so much time wearing our masks, deceiving ourselves and our hearts, deceiving others of who we really are.  It is a very Buddhist perspective to embrace annihilation as an opportunity to discover your true heart and your true self.

I’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo for a very long time, but never knew what I wanted to get.  I’ve been obsessed with the Kokopelli as far back as I can remember.   You know what it is, you just may not have known the name.  Kokopelli is a Native American god of music, fertility and cacophony.  Here he is:

I bring this up because I’ve been thinking about getting annihilation as my tattoo.  I think annihilation of who we think we are is a rare gift.  Often painful, but so beautiful at the same time.  I never want to forget what a gift it is to be having this experience and the opportunity it has given me to learn more about who I truly am.