In general, and like many people, I have a really hard time turning my brain off.  Subconsciously anticipating a “bing” from my phone alerting me to an email, text message, Facebook notification, tweet, you name it!  I find it rather Pavlovian that we have conditioned ourselves to become slaves to technology.  This relationship that we have with technology has a direct impact on our emotional and psychological well being.  It is amazing.

So, in an effort to start releasing my brain from the clutches of my “bing”, I’ve started  a practice.  I turn my phone completely off after work and sometimes don’t turn it back on until the morning (although it is incredibly hard to do).  Sounds crazy, right?  It is one of the most freeing things I do!  Meditating while knowing that your phone is on, even in silent mode, is difficult.  I’m distracted by my expectation that there might, maybe, just possibly be someone sending you something that will give you that feeling of reward, what will they say!?  It is ridiculous.

Now, I’m fortunate enough to not have children, so I don’t feel pressure to be available for someone whose life might truly depend on me.  So, I don’t know how that type of situation would work.  But I have been living alone for the last few months and have this fear that someone might break in and my phone would be off… but I realized that the peace of mind that I get from not having it tug at me is WAY worth the minute possibility of someone breaking in in the middle of the night.

What do you to do decompress and unplug from the world?